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Food Pantry Assistance Grant Program

Concerning changes to the food pantry assistance grant program, and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation.
2020 Extraordinary Session
Human Services
Public Health
Bill Summary

The bill expands and extends the provisions of the food pantry assistance grant program (grant program) that is currently in law. Current law states that all grants from the grant program must be made on or before December 30, 2020, and allows for grants to food banks and food pantries, including faith-based organizations (eligible entities) . The bill extends this date to February 28, 2021. and also allows food delivery organizations to apply for a grant . The bill states that it is the intent of the general assembly that food purchased through an award from the grant program be purchased and distributed all money awarded by the grant program is expended on or before June 30, 2021.

Currently, grant awards through the grant program range from $2,500 to $35,000. The bill no longer caps the grant awards at $35,000. The amount a grant recipient may use for direct and indirect costs expenses is increased from 10% to 50% 20%. Allowable expenses are expanded to include food delivery.

In awarding grants to eligible entities, the department of human services shall in no case determine the amount of a grant award on the risk level of the county in which the eligible entity is located, based upon the risk level dial framework established by the department of public health and environment.

The repeal date is extended one year, to June 30, 2023.

The bill makes an appropriation.

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(Note: This summary applies to the reengrossed version of this bill as introduced in the second house.)


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